Pois é na arte que o não dito, o não sentido e o não visto tem voz! Aqui eu posto tudo que vi e achei bonito. - Ana Débora, 19.
by Busra Karatas
untitled by Julie Ashton
damp (by Elisa Magnini)
by tara thayer-public::bookstore 
(by Megan Leonard)
nest. (by Evan R. Campbell)
untitled by emilyharriet 
Negative0-33-31A(1) by duringmyheyday
untitled by rachael hyde
size matters by nardell
cupid kits in the shop! by caseybaudoin 
untitled by Sebastian //Becker
sketchbook no.30 by oanabefort
Week 3 / Your Reflection by ~Jo Lynn
can i sill be a fairy if i’m sad by Cammy Grace